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Welcome to the website of the Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. The society is an educational, non-profit that seeks to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom, and a respect for our national symbols and American citizenship. We do this by perpetuating the stories of courage, sacrifice, and triumph of those who achieved our independence to inspire succeeding generations.

Extracts from the Diary of Dorothy Dudley

Extracts from the Diary of Dorothy Dudley From April 18th, 1775, to July l9th, 1776 The Cambridge of 1776 included the “Diary of Dorothy Dudley” and other material was a local publication created to celebrate the Centennial. Everyone involved knew…

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Compatriot Senator Scott Brown on Veterans Day

Compatriot Senator Scott Brown on Veterans Day November 11, 2011 Veterans Day Senator Scott Brown released the following video message honoring America's heroes, the veterans of the United States military: On Veterans Day we honor the 24 million Americans who,…

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Why Is America Exceptional?

Why Is America Exceptional? By Matthew Spalding, Ph.D. ( From The Heritage Foundation) In 1776, when America announced its independence as a nation, it was composed of thirteen colonies surrounded by hostile powers. Today, the United States is a country…

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A new species of monster

A new species of monster The real story of how Massachusetts spawned the gerrymander-and immediately tried to kill it By Christopher Klein (The Boston Globe) Massachusetts, like other states across the country, is gearing up this year to redraw its…

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(Un)common Sense

Open Book There is no more powerful gambit in contemporary political rhetoric than resorting to "common sense," to principles grounded in the sentiments of "the people." But it is not evident why this is so, nor how it came to…

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