Within Massachusetts, members are a network of more than 400 individuals across the commonwealth who work together on efforts important to their community. Beginning in 1898, the Massachusetts Society has provided tens of thousands of people opportunities to give back to their country.

If you are interested in what is happening in a particular part of the state, use the list of chapters below to reach the local chairperson. Tell the chapter you want to attend a meeting to learn more. Everyone is welcome to any of our public events.

To keep atmosphere fresh, most chapters have some kind of "ladder" for a regular succession of officers, usually starting with Secretary and moving along on a three-, four-, or five-year path to President. This ensures continuity in managing the chapter and allows people to plan for additional responsibility. One year in a given office usually provides an adequate period for accomplishment. In smaller chapters where the number of meetings is modest, it may make sense for a President to stay for several terms of office. Special effort is given to bring in recent members into leadership. A term in office offers opportunities to learn new skills, improve others, and grow as a member through experience.

The chapters of the Massachusetts Society are listed below. Most chapters meet four or five times a year except during summer vacations in July and August. Click on the name of the chapter to see its webpage. Feel free to email any of the chapters for information here.

Chapter Meeting Place President
Boston Chapter Dedham James Michael Mitchell
Cape Cod Chapter Harwich Henry Minot Curtis II
Col. Wm. Henshaw Chapter Worcester Wesley Harris Wratchford
Knox Color Guard Chapter Statewide Peter Vance Crone Sr
Old Essex Chapter Marblehead William Thomas Ryerson Sr
Old Middlesex Chapter Concord Brian Michael Thomson
Plymouth Chapter Plymouth William E Battles III
Pomeroy Chapter Northamton Michael Ellis Fishbein
Robert Treat Paine Chapter Taunton Peter Vance Crone Sr

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